Marketing and More for the New Millennium


"At Cestari and Company, we can help market your business in a way that takes advantage of today's changing market conditions."

What we do:
Analysis of your business goals.
Strategic Planning & Complete Marketing Plan.
Implementation of Plan Including:
    * All Phases of Development
Ongoing Involvement and Assistance

We work closely with clients starting with picking a business name, to the development of a comprehensive set of goals and the means to promote sales/service.

If you would like more information about us, or would like to talk about the service we provide. Please feel free to call, fax, or email us at the above contact info.


Strategic Partners
Subsidiary / Affiliate Companies
A comprehensive computer company that offers diverse computer solutions for all your computing needs.

We'll locate your next auto, while saving you time and money. We'll find whatever vehicle you are looking for less.
Boat FinderUS
(more info to come)

Arnold J. Cestari, Jr.
Law Firm specializing in Maritime & Admiralty matters with a concentration on marine salvage.
Palm Beach Sexy Chef
(more info to come)
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